Engineering Education in India

Engineering turns Science and Technology into something tangible and useful to society.

  • Science

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

  • Technology

the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry

We can’t imagine a world without engineers. It’s impossible to produce advanced infrastructure, machines, technologies, etc., without doing engineering in it.

I am specifically writing about engineering students as they are suffering through a very critical phase of the Engineering in India.  This is because of our education system that is currently producing engineers at bulk quantity without focusing on quality. And students are the victims of this malfunctioned educational system which will give you nearly nothing even after you pay a lot every year. The company requirement is that they just need to hire you so that they can put you in the field directly. They make use of your technical knowledge and skills to implement and solve problems in the company that they are facing.

Today’s technology oriented educational system represents the same content at ease and at our fingertip. But the problem is that we don’t have enough good teachers who guide us in a proper direction to achieve something that it really matters in engineering.

Most of the engineering students are facing the problem of low quality teaching and no proper guidance for their career in most of the private engineering colleges. Today they don’t get a true essence of engineering what it needs to be. They appear for the exam and study marks oriented without studying the actual concepts. This is due to lack of good teachers in the colleges. If they learn the basics of engineering they will definitely open up the new window to the world through engineering for the country. But no one is focusing on concepts instead they prepare for different technical exams and study the same thing again & again blindly just from different exam’s perspective.
I genuinely felt that at least you deserve to have learn basics of Engineering at minimal cost to build your career based on fundamentals you study. But today’s engineering education system cost a lot to learn such fundamentals of Engineering even though they are unable to build it. On an average an engineering Students pay about lacs of rupees/year. Most of them didn’t get a job that’s because of what they have learned is not industry oriented. Some of them doing a job of a worker & not as an Engineer. Sorry to say this but it’s true you accept it or not this is not the scenario in IIT, NIT, BIT, some government and few private colleges, etc. Afterwards they joined private coaching for GATE, IES, etc., pay more money. Why do they have to pay the money to learn the same thing again & again? But any how you have to be strong in fundamentals of the subjects if you do conceptual study of subjects on your own its good and if you don’t then it’s a matter of time you’re survival will be difficult in this field without fundamentals.


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